Using a formula field to create a unique identifier

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I currently use the following formula to produce a unique identifier in my my primary field:

"PHDEV-" & {Fx_Year} & "-" & REPT(0,3-LEN(CONCATENATE({Fx_Autonum}))) & Fx_Autonum
This works as intended, but I'm at a loss understanding how I might expand this formula to do the following:
1) use a different autonumbering value for records based on a field value (e.g., if location is "PA", add suffix "-PA" AND autonumber, and if location is "MA", add suffix "-MA" AND a different series autonumber. Because I'm currently relying on the field formatted to autonumber to add the number, it will issues numbers like 001-PA, 002-PA, 003-MA, 004-PA, 005-MA whereas i want it to number those records as 001-PA, 002-PA, 001-MA, 002-MA, 003-PA
2) reset the numbering count when a new calendar year is present.
Is this possible? or will i need to create a new tab for each location/year?
Thanks in advance!
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