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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to use the concatenate formula to combine the name of the class and date while adjusting the date format. However, I want the values to be combined only if the class field is not empty. i have tied variations of blank and if statems without any luck. Here is the formula I am using now but when the class is blank, the fomula still returns the formated date only. Appreciate any help. Thank you!

CONCATENATE({Name of Elective Session}, " “, “on”,” ", DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, ‘MMM Do’))

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Hi @LaunchX_Info

Try this in your formula:

IF({Name of Elective Session}!="", CONCATENATE({Name of Elective Session}," on ", DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'MMM Do')),"")

I removed the empty quote blocks in the concat and just put spaces on the word " on "