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Using if formula to calculate prices based on various features

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I’m trying to calculate a formula using the if function but not sure where to start. My formula correctly calculates the wholesale cost of a case of 12 bottles of imported wine from the ex cellar price. However, still wines under 14.10% Alc are taxed at 25% of the value (ex cellar x 1.25), still wines 14.1% and higher are not taxed, and to make things even more exciting, sparkling wines are never taxed. I want to make one formula that incorporates whether the wine is taxed or not. can anyone help?

in my formula: ex cellar = price of 1 bottle of wine in EUR, 1.15 = est exchange rate 1 EUR= USD, 12 = number of bottles in a case, 18 = cost of shipping in USD to import the wine, 0.6 = target 40% margin on final price.

everything works fine, just not sure how to incorporate the tariff on some wines but not others.

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In this case, the formula would be

IF({Tariff Exempt}, (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12)+18)/.6, (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12*1.25)+18)/.6)

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Hi @Joshua_Adler,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can have an IF formula for the Alc % Label, so your formula would become:

IF({Alc % Label}>=0.141, “Formula” * taxes, “Formula”)

I havent included the formula or taxes since Im not sure whether you want to add the taxes after the exchange rate and shipping costs etc or before.

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thank you for the quick reply. The problem is that formula doesn’t take into account whether the wine is still or sparkling, so sparkling over 14.1% would still be taxed (I use taxed and tariffed to mean the same thing in my example here).

Maybe a simpler solution is to add a column “Tariff exempt”, but I can’t get this formula to work - note I included the 25% tax applied directly to the ex cellar distributor:

IF({Tariff Exempt} is TRUE,TRUE(({Ex Cellar Distributor}1.1512)+18)/.6),FALSE(({Ex Cellar Distributor}1.1512*1.25)+18)/.6)

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 08.47.56

In this case, you can add an OR argument to the IF. So the formula would become

IF(OR({Alc % Label}>=0.141,Find("sparkling",Type)>0), (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12)+18)/.6, (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12*1.25)+18)/.6)

I think this would be better than the Tax Exempt checkbox as it will be subject to human error.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out - we’re working on a big proposal and this is quite important to get right.

Unfortunately, the OR formula didn’t work (it returned the same value for wine over 14% or under 14%).

Talking with my team, it’s actually preferable to have a tax exempt checkbox because we don’t always have the alc % label information, but we do know if the wine is tax exempt or not. What would a formula look like with that tax exempt checkbox?

I also created a sparkling item, with all items at the same ex cellar cost (3 EUR). See screenshots below to help as well:

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 12.10.27.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 12.10.36.png

In this case, the formula would be

IF({Tariff Exempt}, (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12)+18)/.6, (({Ex Cellar Distributor} *1.15* 12*1.25)+18)/.6)

Thank you so much for your help! that worked.