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Expose base dictionary

Since Zapier already has the ability to show base table and view info I was wondering if there could be (is?) an option to query metadata from the api. It would enable me to automate some checks and create Zapier-like ease of use.

Tuur by 10 - Mercury
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Slack Bot How-To?

Anyone able to give us a quick run-down of how to code a Slack Bot that can answer queries against an Airtable dataset? Specifically, we’re looking to build a bot that can define terms; a glossary using Airtable for look-ups. But that said, I’m sure ...

View "now" filters don't update through the API

I’m using the Airtable API to pull down data from a View that is filtered by “now” filters. I have a calculated field which returns how many days it has been since that record was created (to return “everything that was created yesterday”) as well as...

Chris_Moyer by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Is there a way to 'patch' a record?

If I PUT a record without including every field, those missing fields are emptied losing the data that they held. Is there a way to PATCH a record by only supplying the modified fields ensuring the rest are untouched?

filterByFormula - link column

Is there a way to use the filterByFormula URL parameter to retrieve rows based on the value of a link column? I can look up text and numeric values, but it looks like link columns are an array. I’ve tried: AND(Column_Name=[recordID]) AND(Column_Nam...

Build query to trim the data returned

It was referencing the Api for the ‘Favorite Movies’ demo database. To test and learn the api, I was trying to retrieve data from the table Movies and only bring back a description of the movie The Godfather. I tried various codes using the method ‘Q...

filterByFormula with OR nested inside AND

I’m attempting to find a list of specific records that also meet other criteria, such as a date—however nothing is returned. AND( IS_BEFORE({Start Date},TODAY()), OR(RECORD_ID()=‘recyZ1f0RSR1rTr3Z’,RECORD_ID()=‘recIFWsWuTPjAkxhg’)) Is it possible to ...

Requesting Data / Views

Just a heads up: When requesting data via the API, if you specify a view that doesn’t exist, then the current version of the API will return a NULL result (instead of throwing an error). I ran into this by accident. I was using a view name that had a...