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Trying to output linked table data in a nested list

Using PHP and Curl (mainly because I don’t know any better…) I have a page that lists all the “Names” in one table and am attempting to do a nested list of “Orders#” under the “Name” however if I echo the “Orders” field it just outputs the word Array...

POST problems using Google Apps Script

I’m trying to create a front end webapp for collecting sign up information and storing it in AirTable but can’t get AirTable to accept my post request. Originally, I had all of the field value pairs directly in the payload. Oops! I have since then cr...

Can't figure out an issue when using FilterbyFormula

I’m using this code: item_call = at.get(‘Master reference’, input_item) Assembly_name = item_call[‘fields’][‘Assembly name’] Assembly_bom = at.get(‘BOM’, filter_by_formula="{Part of assembly} = %s" % Assembly_name) print json.dumps(Assembly_bom, inde...

Details about the 5-requests/second limit

Hello, I started using airtable this week and I’m already using the API with PHP. Works like charm. Before starting to build more solutions I’d like to know some more details about the 5 api requests / second limit. Is this limit per table, per base,...

Calculated Fields not Returning 0 Values

So, here’s another in my long line of small issued in the API. I have simple formula fields in my table that add other columns together. It’s literally field a = field x + field y + field z. When I return field a, the api doesn’t return “0” properly....

Larry_Price by 6 - Interface Innovator
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API POST performance

Getting pretty poor performance for creating records. A POST request to create a record often lasts >30 seconds. Naturally the table I am creating records in references other tables, has a lot of fields, etc., but 30s is really frustrating. Any tips ...

Sam_Bauch by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable API Node.JS and Insomnia

Hi, I’m trying to use Insomnia to debug my API requests, but I’m not getting very far with Node.JS… If I go to the API docs and grab the Node.JS (with our key) and paste it into the body section of Insomnia as “JSON Raw Text” and send it using https:...

JSON API Definition

Hi, Is there a way to generate a JSON data definition like the one below automatically from the API? It’s easy enough to write, but I wonder if the API can dish these up via a URL? I’m integrating Ultradox which has a drag and drop code generation...