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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have two questions on airtable usage

(1) An organization is planning to adopt Airtable for their workflow solution. As part of the requirements external users (like leads, service requestor) should be able to save information into airtable. Client is planning to use Airtable Forms to capture data from users in such a way that users should not identify that the data is going to be saved into Airtable (typically the airtable Form URL has Is there any way this can be obscured / changed without impacting the function. An alternate solution is to build a web app and have Airtable as underlying database. But this involves additional effort and maintenance. Please suggest best alternate

(2) Can the airtable app built for desktop be used for mobile as well or it would require fresh development using airtable mobile app. I think there are many limitations in terms of features supported in airtable mobile app.

An alternate is developing a separate web/mobile app, having airtable as a database. Probably no code tools can be used for both mobile and desktop versions and thus only one code base  needs to be maintained. Please suggest






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