Allow users to add new options to a predefined list

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a basic CRM with 2 tables: 1) "Contacts" (persons) and 2) "Firms". Each Firm can be associated with one or multiple Contacts (linked records).

In the Firms table, I have a "Firm Type" column that is multi-select from a predefined list of values. This predefined list can never be exhaustive enough to capture all types of firms. In the table view, luckily I am able to type new values and Airtable saves it as a predefined value for later use.

I am creating a "Record view" interface for Firms. I want to allow users to create new firms on the interface.  When I allow users to do so, airtable's standard form loads up. Unlike the interface, the form is not allowing users to "add new options" to the "Firm Type". However, if users wanted to edit an existing record in the interface, I see an option to "allow users to add new options". How I can access this option in the form? 

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Hello! I found this discussion thread by Justin_Barrett that does exactly what you're looking for I believe:

I believe after an Airtable update in 2022 the solution stopped working. I tried it, and it didn't work. A few comments indicate that as well, although I may be missing something!

Oh I see! Let me do a bit of testing and see if I can come up with something 🙂

Thanks! The only "Workaround" I can think of is to have the user select a random "Firm Type" from the form, then add a correct new option from the interface by editing the existing record created from the form... but I worry this will be prone to creating human errors.

9 - Sun
9 - Sun

I've managed to get it working I believe! It may be the automations that have been changed since 2022.

Here's how I've set up my automations:


Screenshot 2023-11-02 132034.png

Action - Update:

Screenshot 2023-11-02 132113.png

You'll have to make the "option" field dynamic to choose your "Other" field

I'm assuming you're able to set up the form with a conditional "Other" simple text field. If not, let me know if you need help setting that bit up too.