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Resolved! Usage of Extensions Map & Data Validation in Interfaces

Hello,I'm using the Map & Data Validator extensions, which allow me to view and validate my fields respectively. I'm also developing an interface so that I can share the application without users having to use the database directly, and so that I don...

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List view add new higher level record option not showing

Hi guys!I am running into the issue of in the List view page the top level table does not show the option to add a new record to that table/type. Example I have a schedule table and a task table. The tasks are under schedule, and schedule is the main...

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 5.49.30 PM.png
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Two tables open in same interface based on linked record

I'm building a CRM for my friend running a coaching business. There are two tables I would like to surface at the same time in a single interface "Sessions" & "Client"I want to create a user friendly view where she can see today's sessions - she can ...

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 4.57.15 pm.png
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Resolved! Newbie question: create a new contact

I know this should be easy, but I'm new to Airtable and apparently missing something obvious.I want to let users add a new contact to my base.I have a People table and a Companies table.  They are joined with a multi-to-multi Roles table [Person, Com...

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Resolved! Lookup or Formula Field in a Form

Hello AirTable Community!Hoping someone can help me with a solution here.  I have a conditional form that depending on the department you choose, you get different prompts - most of this works great.  Here's the problem:I have a Lookup field that pro...

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Record Page: Only show Records linked to "Current Record"

Hi everyoneI am working on an Interface that has "Projects" and "Tasks". Now in the "Project" Record Page I have a Grid view of "Tasks". How can I set it to only show Tasks that are linked to the current Project? Like this basically Thanks a lot!

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