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Global filtering for an Interface

I am using Airtable to manage a sales pipeline. I have created a sales dashboard using interfaces which reads across all opportunities. I want to be able to create quarterly and monthly reports by duplicating this dashboard and then filtering the rec...

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Kanban Sorting Interface Bug

Hi Airtable team!Not sure if this is the right place for reporting bugs.I'm also aware that the features being released are all still a work in progress.I have a Kanban interface that is sorted by a date field. It works great on desktop, but not on m...

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Date Range on the Interface Timeline view

Hi there,I’m using the Interface timeline view to display lots of events that happen over a 2-week period in October 2024. However, for some reason the total date range visible in the timeline view is 1st Feb24 until 20th Jan25 – which means the hori...

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Resolved! Changing Format of Number on Dashboard Interface

I'm making a dashboard from an interface, and when I display a number that is the sum or average of a group of fields it always displays the number with two digits after the decimal. Is there a way to round that number to no places after the decimal?...

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Resolved! Line Graph Issues

Hello!Anyone have an idea as to why my line graph is a bunch of scribbles? I want to chart number of applicants to specific majors overtime from term to term. The terms are in the correct chronological order on the x-axis, but for some reason the lin...

kmm23_0-1715734768677.png kmm23_1-1715734840496.png kmm23_2-1715734855804.png kmm23_3-1715734868335.png
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