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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I have recently been building out an interface that has a few different pages within it such as Home, Event Details, Event Contacts, etc. The main purpose for this interface is to create a more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing method for myself and employees to input data to our master base of records. My company manages logistics for touring musical artists so each record in the base represents a single event. Therefore, each page within this interface represents a different slice of the overall information pertaining to each event. If I want to add flight information, there is a dedicated page for that, if I want to input hotel information, there is a dedicated page for that, and so on.


Currently, as far as I am aware, the only way to pick which record the interface page is addressing would be to add a Record Picker element which can be used to pick the specific event from a drop down menu. So if I am on the Event Details page within my interface, I need to choose which record I need to update from the Record Picker element and then repeat this step any time I switch between pages within the interface since the default record always seems to be the first record within the parameters I've set (in this case is all records in which the date of show is on or after today). 


My question then is, how can I make it so I only have to choose the record on ONE page and this record will be selected anytime I switch pages within the interface? Like a master record picker in which this record picker defines which record is being looked at while I am on any page within the interface. Pictures attached to add some visual clarity to what I am saying here.


Thanks in advance and thank you Airtable!

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Hmm...I don't think that's possible when selecting the interface page via the left sidebar I'm afraid.  A workaround could be:
1. We create formula fields in your table that will output the URL of each respective interface page with the record picker element prefilled (and thus have the same show selected)
2. We put those navigation buttons within the page itself (e.g. put an "Event Contacts" button below the "Associated Show" record picker) and point those buttons at the formula fields with the URLs

This'll open the "Event Contacts" page with your originally selected show

(At that point, you may as well also start considering using the "Record Review" layout instead and have the shows on the sidebar, really)

Appreciate the reply here but unfortunately I don't think that will work. Too many events on a weekly basis and the effort put into doing this for each event is just not logical. Now if it was possible to create an automation that creates a dedicated link to the interface when the record is created that can then be tied to a button, that may work. But this would require an automation that somehow extracts whatever the URL would be for the newly created record when it is selected in the Record Picker without the user input of actually opening the interface and selecting the record.


I realize I am almost touching on just needing to build a standalone app but unfortunately those app building software's are either far too complex for essentially an aesthetic facelift for my data or not complex enough to provide any significant change to my workflow.

You just need formula fields to generate the prefilled interface URLs so there's no manual work or automations!