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Conditionally shown fields in interfaces?

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I’m curious if there are any plans to add conditionally shown fields to Interfaces, similar to what is possible in form view?

For example, if you’re tracking network outages you might use one field to specify that the cause is a power outage, in which case you would want other fields to appear that let you specify when the power outage started and ended (so you can track UPS runtime when the power goes out, and site recovery time when it comes back.)

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I have this exact question.

Same – This would be a very useful feature for designing. It would also be especially useful in being able to “group” elements and toggle the whole group conditionally.

E.g. if status is A show Group A, if status is B show group B (where each group has things besides fields – Such as text boxes

Same here !

Would be nice to specify via a filter, which fields are visible. We have lots of products (6.000+) in different categories. Each category has it's own small subset of meaningful fields to manage.

At the moment, I have to use interface-page for each category. We have about 15-20 categories. Would be great to have only one interface page with conditionally showing the fields, which match a filter criteria (by category in our scenario).

This is my same situation. Conditionally shown fields is crucial to interface success. I'm trying to design a portal where user ONLY interact with interfaces. Already, column view is useless with this many fields.



Same here, really need to adjust my forms into interfaces, much more easy for the team to answer.... but really need to use the conditionnal option to make it work !

I am eagerly waiting for this as well. +1!!!!!