Creating a form to customer order summary and get confirmation

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an order table which contains all of the records of an order. I want to get order confirmation from my customers for their order.

I am creating their order by using another form in my order table. Then, I want to visulize these datas, put a button under it (which is confirmation button) then send the link to my customer to see order details, order summary and to get their confirmation via that button.

Is that possible? Or how can i do it?

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There are several different ways of doing this, but the way that I would personally do it would be to use Fillout’s advanced forms for Airtable, which lets your customers view and approve their orders from a form. Fillout offers the ability to update Airtable records from a form, so you would just send them the Fillout link to view their order, and then they could approve it from a single-select menu that updates the Airtable record.

Another way of doing this would be to use Make’s custom webhooks. I demonstrate how to do this webhook technique on this Airtable podcast episode.

p.s. If your company has a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you with any of this, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld