Feature request: Auto-select first filtered result in 'Record view' Interface

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, this is a feature request.

I think it would be great if (the first) filtered result would be auto-selected in the ‘Record view’ Interface template.

In the template we have a filter. The results of the filtered are shown in the ‘Record list’ element. When you select a result, it’s details are shown on the rest of the screen.
The problem arises when you change what you have already filtered and been viewing. You have filtered something, viewed it, then you change the filter… but the record being shown remains the same.
Take it from me this confuses users + it’s not really necessary for the record to remain beingshown on the screen. I mean, if the user decides to filter something else, they probably don’t want to view the old record anymore.

If you work for Airtable, read this, and are confused, I can make a video to demonstrate this.

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