Filter values can not be changed on iPadOS 17 Update

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4 - Data Explorer

Dear All,

We have an digital product manufacturing line and we are using airtable to assign an order.

Right now, they couldn't filter any data on airtable while it is opened on iPad. Before update it is working and they reach relavent data by using date filter.

Besides, it effects not only list interface but also on any other interface.

Could you please be so kind to get any help how can I overcome this issue? or which overaround solution can be implemented?

Thanks in advance.



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Unfortunately, there are currently several bugs that prevent Airtable from being fully used on an iPad running iPadOS 17. I have reported several of these bugs to Airtable, but they have not been fixed yet.

I was not aware about the one that you posted above — be sure to report it by sending a video of the bug to  

You might be able to workaround your problem by manually typing in the date and the hitting the return key on the keyboard.