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4 - Data Explorer

I have a form that collects multiple garment measurements. Each measurement goes into its own field.

I would like for all the measurement fields to be displayed on the form. One or more should be required, depending on the value of another field (garment type).

This doesn't seem to be possible. Have I missed something?

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Airtable’s forms allow you to conditionally toggle the visibility of fields based on conditions of other fields, but you can’t conditionally toggle the requirement of a field that is already visible.

For that sort of advanced feature, you would probably want to use JotForm, which gives you the ability to conditionally change the requirements of fields.

Also, you can do this in a different way with Fillout, which enables you to conditionally disable the submit button (or conditionally disable additional pages) based on conditions, and you can conditionally disable messages on your form to let people know why.

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