Formula to create link to interface with filter adjustments?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am seeing if this is possible in any way.


  • Top = filters (applied to timeline view)
  • Middle = timeline view of Table A
  • Bottom = grid view of Table B


  • Users can apply filters on top, to narrow in on timeline view if/as needed
  • Users can then click on a Table A record in timeline view, which then filters the grid view of Table B records to show only those linked to the selected Table A record


If this is not possible, then I was hoping to do a workaround using interaction via a button within the timeline interface. The idea would be to add a button within the Table A that can be exposed in the popup window when a user selects a record in the Timeline view. Then either:

Idea 1: Button click copies record selected and pastes in the filter "search" key I setup for Table B grid view?

Idea 2: Open same interface but with a filter applied to the bottom grid view. I know that URL's contain filter data, as I am able to modify filters and share that URL for someone else to open to same setup. But im not seeing a rhyme or reason to the URL schema to modify via formula?



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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

OK so I may have a workaround that gets me closer. Its not perfect... but...

I added a record picker next to the grid view below, so that when you click the added button in timeline record it loads the same interface but with the record picker adjusted to that record. 

Interestingly... if no filters are applied, it doesn't even refresh the page and just directly changes the record picker, even retaining the popup window and spot im at in the timeline view.

however if there is any filters applied to the timeline view, those get lost and the view actually refreshes.


Is there a way to get the browser URL via a button action before changing the record picker? that would resolve this by allowing me to capture all the filters currently applied to timeline view and then refresh page with same filters applied but adding the adjustment to the record picker.