Modify formula display based on signed in user within interface

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello all,

Within a Project Management table and related interface, I have a collaborator field ("Watchers") which is intended to allow users to receive alerts whenever a project they are "watching" is updated.

I do not want to show everyone who is watching - I would like only to display information about whether the signed-in user is watching the project, so people don't feel shy about watching projects.

I am stumped though, about how to display a "Yes"/"No" answer to the question, does the signed-in user appear in the collaborator list field. Any tips? 

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I don't think this is possible I'm afraid.  If you're open to using an interface, you can consider a workaround of having two "User" type fields, let's call them "User 1" and "User 2". 

"User 1" will be used the same way your "Watchers" field is used now and it'd be hidden from everyone (This is where the Interface comes in).  Your users would then add themselves to the "User 2" field, and you'd have an automation to:
1. Add the value from the "User 2" field to "User 1"
2. Clear the value from "User 2"

Does that make sense?