Re: New Tabs not Visible in Any Interface after a Certain Time

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I tried posting this question previously but I don't see it posted, so apologies if it appears twice.

I have a simple database with two tables, each of which has a few fields.

I want to create an interface that shows different list views of one table based on different filter criteria chosen through tabs.

I created an interface with eight tabs on one page and was able to configure the filter criteria for each tab. It works fine in the edit mode.

When I preview or publish it, only five of the tabs are visible. I thought that it might be there's a limit on the number of tabs on any page, or the length of their names, however when I tried rearranging or renaming the tabs to shorten names the behavior was the same. Only the five originally visible tabs appear, whatever I name them and in whatever order I arrange them. The other three tabs are never visible.

I then tried copying the page to another page in the same interface, so that I could experiment further without deleting my original work and it behaves exactly the same as the original. The five tabs visible in the original page are visible in the copied page. If I try deleting one of the visible tabs, no other tab take its place in the visible set. If I try creating new tabs, they are not visible.

I then tried creating an entirely new page in the same interface, and no tabs are are visible within that page. I then tried creating a completely new interface to the same database and no tabs in the new interface are visible. I tried the same in a completely different database, same problem, no tabs in any interface are visible in preview mode.

At this point it appeared that the five tabs I originally created in the first interface that were visible had some property that made them visible, while all other tabs I created, whether in the same or different page, interface, or database, did not have that property and therefore were not visible. I tried to searching for any default I might have set in the settings, however could not find any editable property that would solve the problem.

I then tried again in a different browser using a completely different account and had the same behavior. If I tried creating a new database, and then an interface to that database. I could create tabs but in preview mode those tabs are not visible. This appears to happen with any tab I have tried to create after a certain point in time. The only variables I haven't tried changing are my computer or IP address.

What's so strange is that it was working perfectly until one point in time. All tabs I created up until that point in time work and are visible in the interface. After that point in time, I have not been able to make any tabs visible, no matter what variables I tried changing.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I'm having this issue too! April 2024

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I don't see any of my tabs. Its completely empty on the top in Preview and Published, but shows the tabs in Edit mode.

make sure you have a "condition" or some difference between the tabs.  if the views are identical it won't show the tabs.