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Printing the interface view

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can print the interface view? when I click to print the view has the wrong margins. I already tried to save the page in pdf but without success.


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Depending on which Interface you’re using or data included, the formatting when just printing straight from the browser will probably not be dependable.

You have the right idea of turning it into a PDF first. I use a Chrome extension called GoFullPage. It creates a full page screen capture, then it gives you the option to download it as a PDF and print. That way, it looks just like you see on your screen.

Here’s the Interface view:


Here’s the screen capture

Here’s the PDF version


Thanks for the tip. it worked very well !!!

This seems very much like a work around versus a solution. I’m trying to print recipes for use. Do. you know of any coming plans for making printing more robust?

I have the same issue and would like to know if there is a plan to implement this directly in Airtable

I love AirTable but printing anything from it is quite a challenge… Page Designer is useful but not that easy to get a “nice and clean” look and it can’t print more than one page… Interfaces is good too but it seems rather complicated to get a simple report printed on PDF or printer pages…

What is the future for printing out reports from AT? Did anyone find a solution from a third party maybe? PowerBI ?? Other?? Tx…

@Hannah_Wiginton thank you for saving the day with this workaround :slightly_smiling_face:

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

If you want to automatically generate nice PDFs and/or print dashboards, views, reports, or documents with your data, check out the On2Air Documents app.

It integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can create your own template, then the Actions app will automate a PDF and printable layout and will add it back to your Airtable base.

Here’s an example:

On2Air | Airtable Apps for Your Business Operations – 19 Sep 21

How to Create a Sales Contract PDF in Google Docs using Airtable | On2Air

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a Sales Contract in Google Docs and then turn it into a PDF using data from your Airtable base.


@Hannah_Wiginton I tried your suggested solution (GoFullPage) but it doesn’t work with interface designer page. It just takes a screenshot of what I see on the screen. On the other hand, it works perfectly with other sites. Im the only unlucky person?

Hey Piero,

I haven’t tried using it on an interface in a while, so I’m not sure.
If your interface is larger, maybe it struggles. I’ll test it out later.

I’m a big fan of Documint. Takes some work to get what you want - but very flexible and powerful!

@Piero_Fanelli – just fyi, “interface” is different than “page designer”. The tool prints what is on screen so if you are trying to use page designer, that’s expected to print just the sidebar.

I hope a better option is available soon.  Printing to PDF is not acceptable for my particular needs.

GoFullPage is a game changer for me in this workflow. Thank you!