Saving Filter Settings in Airtable Interface

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7 - App Architect

I have an airtable interface that has a dropdown. When I select a value from the dropdown, it shows me some records in the gallery view. When I click on one of the field, it opens up details of a linked record in the list view. Now I want to show these results in the list view in a filtered format. Two of the values in the filter are supposed to be fixed and the third value can be changed by the user. Is there a way to do this using condition grouping? I tried to do it but everytime I publish the interface the filter vanishes. How do I save my filter settings?


I tried an alternate approach using filter dropdowns (screenshot below) but I am not too happy with the UI. I want location as dynamic which user can select and the values under More to be fixed. Is there a way to hide the fixed values but still filter the results based on the default values and allow user to only filter by country?



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Hello hello! I believe there are a few different filter levels.

You probably already have the "Allow users to set custom filters" on. This is where I'm guessing you've been trying to set the top-level filters. This won't work here as it's merely just fro the users to set their custom filters.

What you'd want to do is set a filter outside of this option

This filter will probably be on the list itself. If you can find the option "Users can see: all link records in {list field name}". From here you can set the default filters.

Not sure if this is what you were looking for but let me know. 🙂


Thanks for your response. However, I do not see the option to add a filter directly on the list itself. I assume the reason is because the list appears after a user clicks on the record details. I see the option 'Add element' on the main interface page. (screenshot below)


And when I click on the first record, I get to see a page like this (screenshot below)


I do not see an option of adding a filter element like I saw on the main interface page.

Is there a workaround for this? I am looking for the record to show me results that are filtered using two fixed criteria and then on the filtered results I want to provide the option to the user to filter by country. Filtering by country should be dynamic and in the user's hold.


Additionally I have another question. Now in the dropdown for country, I see all the countries from the table. Is there a way to show only the names of filtered countries in the dropdown and provide user with the option of choose from that filtered list?


The filter won't be an element. It'll be a fixed filter that can't be changed by users.

In both these cases it's the same place on the right panel. You'll want to change from "All Records" to "Specific Records"

Screenshot 2023-11-03 131031.png

Understood. Thank you for the clarification!