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I have a two workspaces that I work with on airtable. On one workspace, I have different events that I log that I want for my backend/internal. One the other workspace, I have a public shared calendar that anyone can view. Is there a way in my internal workspace to have an option to choose to share a specific event with public shared calendar workspace? 

For example, I have two different events I am logging in my internal workspace, Event A and Event B. Event A is an internal event that is just for me to see so I only want it in my one workspace. I want Event B to be viewable in my public calendar workspace as well, so I would love to tag it in a way that it also appears in my other workspace.

Is this possible? 

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Hm, you could try creating a view that only includes events that are external, and sync that view into your public calendar workspace?  You'd need an automation to sync those records into your main calendar table I reckon

If not, a third party service like Make or Zapier seems like your best bet: make them trigger off of the tag like you said, and get the service to create a record in the public calendar workspace.  If you wanted updates to propagate over you'd have to set that up too though