Re: The Interface Automoation Trigger Button Doesn't link to Sources

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast



I've created an automation that is (or planned to be) triggered by an interface button.

However when adding a button in the interface designer, and choose the 'Run Automation' option, the button 'Source' field doesn't populate with any table name.

Please Advise.

Airtable Button to Trigger an Automation.jpg


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What will the automation do?  Could you try adding a record picker to your interface and see whether that solves your issue?

The automation is aimed at sending selected fields as a comparison table report.

What does a field picker do?

> What does a field picker do?
The record picker element would be selectable as a source

Thanks a lot, Adam (@TheTimeSavingCo ),

The automation works!

However, is there a way to make the record picker invisable?