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4 - Data Explorer


 Is it possible to make a URL that opens a specific date on an Interface with a Calendar?

You can link to specific dates on Calendar Views by adding "?date=YYYY-MM-DD" to the end of the URL. Is the same functionality or something similar available for Calendar Interfaces?

I've looked through a bunch of help pages, and can't find anything that mentions it one way or the other.


The first issue I'm trying to solve is that when you search for an event on a calendar interface, you have the ability to open the event details, but not the ability to jump to that event on the Calendar (this is the only thing I miss from Google Calendars, but I miss it a lot). The only option is to navigation arrow click through weeks/months until you reach that date, which is extra annoying if the date happens to be years in the past or future. I could potentially fix this by adding a button to the event details page that links to the Calendar Date of the event.

The second issue I'm trying to solve is jumping between information on my Data tabs and my Interfaces. I have 114 fields for each event, and that kind of data is can be easier to visualize and edit in my customized interfaces. That's why I made my interfaces in the first place! I would like to be able to create a field with a button that opens the date of the event in the interface in a new tab. 


For my use case, this functionality doesn't need to be viewable or editable by any other users - I'm the only user on my Airtable base. I do have the Teams version of Airtable, so I have access to extensions, integrations, etc. I'd consider upgrading to Business if it makes a difference.

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11 - Venus

Hi @TalbottEvents ,

I didn't know there was such a useful feature in the calendar!

All I know is that the only URL filter currently available in the interface is to link directly to the record details.

 I think it would be possible to use BASE64 encoding in the script to filter, sort, pre-fill, etc. But it seems that it is not possible to specify a calendar date.