When will dynamic filters be available for interfaces?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Dynamic filters on tables are a much needed addition, but they aren't avialble for an interface. Any idea when and if these will be availble? It is a much needed filter to prevent users from having to scroll through a large number of records and potentially select the wrong record.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Dynamic Filters work in Interfaces right now, you just can't add or change them within the interface editor.

You can add or change a dynamic filter for a given field from the data/grid view, and the effects of this filter will apply to anywhere that field appears in your interface.

These dynamic filters won't change according to a specific user. Let me explain the use case.

  I was looking for the ability for users to generate specific reports with aggregate calculations. For example, lets say I want to create a report that rolls up only specific categories of sales data for a specific sales agent. I could do that through a dynamic filter that only rolls up linked fields that match certain conditions. But if I'm logged in as user A, and user B want to print out a different roll up report with different conditions there is no way of doing that without affecting what user B sees. 

Airtable blurs the distinction between front and back end a bit, since the view of the data and the actual data are closely related. Any lookups, rollups become part of that "database table" as a field rather than part of user specific dynamic front end logic. Since the dynamic filter is part of the table, what ever changes are made to that table is seen across all your user base. What I was looking for is a way for each user to be able to aggregate the data according to their needs and simultaneously see those aggregations. 

Hmm, if it helps, you can currently filter records on an Interface based on the logged in user.  As long as the record has a "User" type field (or a lookup to it) you should have access to a "Filter by Current User" option (

Interface current user.png

What other types of dynamic filtering are you looking for besides filtering on the logged in user?

The viewer record is more about controlling access to information. What we were looking for is for a user to create dynamic reports. In our case we have estimates for construction projects that might have certain design options. I control the final rolled up price by filtering estimate line items that meet the condition "is current design option". This is a toggle in a table of design options that are unique for each project.  I have no way for user A to look at design option 1 and user B to look at design option 2.

As I'm thinking about this, I'm not sure there is an easy way to do this in airtable. I would need to create a JSON that stores each users selection for the design options and then use the variables within that JSON to structure a query that generates a user specific view.

I think this functionality is something that really needs a proper website and might be beyond what can be achieved with airtable unless you have a hack!

Hmm, okay.  Sorry, not too sure I'm following.  If you could provide screenshots that you think would help me visualize what you're trying to do that'd be really helpful!

Is it that you want to limit the options available in select fields based on who they are?  What is "Design Option 1" in this context and how are you displaying it?  Is it a record inside a Grid in an Interface?  Is it an Interface that just displays data from that selected record?