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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello there,

We are looking to build a custom app, and we need help, a developer who could do that for us?

We collect medical responses from patients online. They simply answer questions and upload images. We store everything in Airtable. It has many columns 100+, some are empty because Airtable shows all columns, but clients get only specific ones, based on their problem. So there are both empty and non-empty columns.

We simply need a nice preview of data in iframe. To see only fields with values (Empty fields would not be displayed in iframe preview)


  • We want to click on a record and see a full preview of that record in the iframe on the right (or this can be a button in a column or simply a click on a record, e.g. like URL preview app)
  • It must show values for one record only (the selected record, you could scroll vertically to view all the data of that record)
  • Display field names as new line, with a bold fond (Showing only columns and fields which are non-empty)
  • Display fields values as a new line, regular font (Showing only columns and fields which are non-empty), as we have many fields which are empty and preview should not show empty ones)
  • Display an image (Currently, we have a typeform link to image(always images, same link), by clicking on it currently downloads to a computer, would be wiser to show them in the iframe too, without a need to download) - with the possibility to click on it and view large/full size/enlarge (Link example:
  • All values would be non editable just viewable
  • Record columns must be sorted as they are sorted in Airtable.

Here, some fields would be editables

  • Select fields to have a selects which are exactly same as in the airtable select
  • Input fields, used to write texts, input should be bigger as we make longer notes. (Also it must be sync with airtable record box, anything added in airtable, should load in this input box and vice-versa)
  • There are some columns that are no necessary to be viewed in this iframe. So hiding few unnecessary fields, even with values (Eg.g. creation date, payment type etc, non necessary for staffmembers)

Could anyone help us with that?

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You can do all of that with the portal and/or search page from

If you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you create this in MiniExtensions, please feel free to contact me through my website:

Thanks ScottWorld, but that is not what we need, we need an app, not external tool, thanks for a suggestion, so if anyone is able to do that, please get in touch, thank you

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@Valdemar_T Hi Valdemar, are you looking to build Android/iOS App?