Google Calendar & Airtable record update w Zapier Integration

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello! Is it possible to use airtable + zapier to find 1 email address (out of many) on a google calendar invite and match that to a record on the airtable people list? Ideally, the end result is that within Airtable, I can see when I last had an appointment with someone on my “people” list based on calendar events.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi Ally,

Regarding your ideal result, you can create a table to track contacts and another table to track interactions. These tables would be connected, so that every interaction would be assigned a contact. Then, on the contacts table, you can pull the recent contact in through a roll-up field, using the MAX(values) function. This is the quickest way to track your most recent appointment with someone on your contacts table.

I’m not sure exactly how this ties into Zapier, given your unique workflow. You can establish an API connection to Google Calendar and Airtable using Zapier. Furthermore, you can build a filter in your zap that only proceeds in the case of a specific email address being present. I’m not sure how you’re looking to tie that into your end result, but everything you’ve described here is possible.

Hope this helps!

I think I see what you’re trying to do - to go through the attendees associated with a calendar entry and if found record it in the database (maybe as an Activity record)?

In this case I would recommend you try Integromat to do the integration - I don’t think Zapier can do this yet although it’s also a great tool!

Integromat allows you to capture new calendar entries and then iterate through all the attendees and perform some actions. This could be to search Airtable and update or create records - it should even be able to delete things wif a calendar entry is deleted I think.

I hope this helps?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

hi @Ally_Warson, it sure is possible. here’s how you would do that:

Google Calendar - new event (or what ever you choose)

Airtable (AT) find record


  • set your base to reference
  • set your Search by field (email would be the most sensible)
  • set your lookup value = step1:attendees email

Filter option
Only continue if:
Step 2:Fields Email = exists

AT Update record


  • Set the base you want to update in
  • set the table you want to update in
  • record = use custom value (advanced)
  • Custom value for record ID = Step 2: ID
  • set the last contacted cell (or which ever item you want to update) = Step 1: Event Begins

Hope that helps.

Hi @Kris_Hogh

The problem with using Zapier for this is that Calendar will return multiple attendees for a meeting and these need to be looped through so that a note can be made against each (perhaps in several Activity records for example).

Now it is possible to loop through value like this using a Code step but it requires some Javascript knowledge - what you have to do is create an array of Objects containing each of the values and then subsequent steps will operate for each.

In this particular use case, Integromat has built in functionality to process steps for each meeting attendee.

Hope this helps?

Hello Julian

Are you available for a project…

I need help setting up my corporate data bases, blocks, using other apps, slack, drive, google mail

Just let me know

Thank you!

Very cool. Thank you Julian. How would you do this with Integromat?

Hi Ally

In Integromat, you first use a Watch Events Calendar app and then an Iterate Attendees - and steps you add after this will be actioned for each attendee of the calendar event. This could be adding or updating Airtable records etc…

Screenshot 2018-10-23 at 08.43.31.png

Hi Ally

I will have availability shortly (I am tied up for until late next week). In the meantime, could I suggest you send me an email at with a little more detail about what you are trying to achieve and a little about your business?

If you’d like to book an online meeting with me then you can at the following link:

and you can find out more about me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!


Great thank you!

What formula should I use within the “Search records” module, to find the name of the attendee, I read their docs but it is not very clear to me…