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I do free half hour calls where we'll discuss what your problem is and try to do as much as we can within that call!

The goal of the call is really for you to see how we'd work together and whether we'd be a good fit, so please feel free to prepare an issue you're facing for us to work on together too

If you're on the forums a lot chances are you've seen some of my replies as well, and here's a link to my Profile for you to see my, at the time of this writing, 2700++ posts.  Hopefully they provide you with a bit of a sense of how I work

To schedule something, just click here to select a time that's convenient for you.  I look forward to helping you solve your problems!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I wouldn't go anywhere else! Adams initial 30 minute FREE call clearly showed me that he knew his stuff and was VERY knowledgeable. We booked him for further session to develop on what we had built, at all times he was working at speed and took note of every little feature we needed. His after care has also been second to none!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Adam - you are a lifesaver - in the short time we worked together you absolutely amazed me. You have an incredible handle on Airtable as a platform and how to code fast and smart. You made it look so easy and I learned a ton. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and helping us solve a problem we thought was impossible to fix. 10/10 recommend you to anyone looking for a power user.


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We needed help with a series of automations and scripts that we build for an internal tool for a construction Company.

In the first 30 Min Call Adam already solved Problems that I thought would require hours of work. It was honestly impressive watch him set up the automations in a matter of minutes - And they've been running without any Problems ever since. 
Since then Adam helped us set up a series of Automations and scripts that improved our app by a lot and added a lot of much needed functionality that airtable does not offer natively. 

Adam was also very quick to understand what we wanted (even though our base is not set up in english) and set everything up quickly and efficiently without wasting any time. 

So yea... I can highly recommend working with Adam! 🙂 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Adam is truly a time saver! I am very stubborn and will continue to push through a problem I am unsure about and noticed I was spending way too much time on something that was supposed to be simple. I reached out to Adam and within 40 minutes, he fixed my issue and answered all my questions for the rest of the project to go smoothly. He is my go to expert for all things Airtable. He is very responsive and answers in depth so all bases are covered.