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Looking for help - Airtable / Process design - Product Importing Company

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I run a product importing company and need help designing our database.

I’ve built a rough airtables database but I know it can be so much better. I’m looking for somebody to:

  1. Briefly understand our business and the workflow
  2. Look at the current airtable database
  3. Make suggestions to a redesign and/or features we aren’t using
  4. Execute on the redesign to the extent it takes any special skill

Here’s a rough idea of the business:
-We’ll have 50-100 orders (POs)
-About 12 factories
-Each shipment has lots of documentation that can be uploaded (PO, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Invoice, Shipping invoice)
-Each shipment has a lot of information that can be extracted (value, type of goods, duty code, cost of shipping, ports etc. )
-We’ve been using it to track the status of each shipment (ordered, ready to ship, booked, on the water, delivered, etc). There might be some integration available with shipping data using the ship number or HBL, but that might be an overkill. Manual updating is probably fine.

After we get this set up I’ll look to have my employees, shipping company and maybe even factories keep this updated going forward.


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Hi Scott, feel free to reach out at to discuss.


Hi Scott,

I’m a Business Administrator with a focus on data and project management within Airtable. I would love the opportunity to connect so that we share your current setup and discuss your requirements in greater detail.

You can reach me at

Best regards,
Nathalie Collins
VAce Professional Services

Hey Scott,

I’d be happy to jump on a quick call to discuss this further - if interested, please schedule some time for us to chat here.


Hi Scott,
I have worked on some pretty similar projects in the past and would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,