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Looking to hire help in creating a custom construction estimating tool

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I run a custom design build remodeling company. I have created a prototype of an estimating tool in excel, but it is too limited for our needs. I am wondering if Airtable is the answer.

The estimating tool will tool will require several bases that could build one on another.
-Common Items
-Assemblies of items into unit costing
-Gathering of unit costs with take off into estimated
-Ability to gather, summarize and parse the costs by building div and type.

We don’t need an estimating software to run the business; we have that in CoConstuct and other industry standard applications. We just need a place to store and access our custom data for estimating.

I can provide a more detailed explanation and examples of the data sets and the needed output.
We are interested in a developer who will work with us in a scrum framework.

I have been searching for several years for a solution, but have yet to find anything with the specific functionality I need that is not a huge enterprise system.

If you are interested please message me at, or on this forum. You can see what we do at.

Best regards,

Timothy Ferraro

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Hi Timothy,
I am an experienced developer and would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,


Please get in touch, can help

I would also use some help here!