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Looking to send data to external app (job board) with api

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Hello, i have a job board that i am looking to fill with fresh job offers collected and stored on airtable,
the job board i use have its own api.

Thank you !

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What are you using for your job board?

there is no public docs, its a private api, i have url base + secret api key + routes :


and :


Job posting route for example :


Dont know whats the best choice, do api calls from airtable or zapier …

Hello @JAN
You can do API calls from AirTable but you need to use Script(It’s JavaScript) on Airtable Automation OR in Airtable Script Extension.

If there is less amount of jobs(less than 500) that need to be fetched and add/updated frequently then use AirTable Automation with the script. This can be triggered automatically but has a max limit of 30 sec to execute all the things.
If there are more than 1k jobs that need to add/updated then use the AirTable Extension script. It is required to start it manually, there is no limit just keep your browser tab on.

Hi @JAN,

I do not recommend Zapier.

You can easily make API calls from using their HTTP module, or you can do API calls from within Airtable by using

You can also script it, if you know JavaScript.

If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you with this, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld

Hello @JAN
@ScottWorld is right you can use some of the inbuilt tools with their different plans and or you can use expertise of some of us if you have enough budget.

Just message me, We will schedule a meeting and then I’ll explain more things about airtable.

Thank you guys, i didnt know about datafetcher, looks awesome !
to make a decision about using this tool or hire you i have a question please,
can i use the free plan of this tool to post 2/3 times data from AT via api ?
i would prefer send directly from airtable if this will not consome lot of automations credits is an extension. The free plan lets you have 1 active extension at any given time. So yes, you could use that extension on the free plan. But Data Fetcher comes with its own pricing plans: