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Need Airtable Expert for Huge Google Sheet to Airtable Setup

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We have a very large Google Sheet document that we want to translate to Airtable for a better user experience for a sheet we will be releasing on

Our Google Sheet has more than 400 columns and 600 rows, so you will need to know your way around prepping, working with and organizing large amounts of data.

Most of the data has been scrubbed and formatted so your main responsibility will be bringing it to life from a navigation, linking, color, answer formatting, grouping and Airtable experience standpoint.

In addition to this very large sheet, we have several slightly smaller sheets that we will need linked to our main Airtable base as well.

I am looking for someone to help us with this very quickly as we are under a tight timeline. If you are a good fit, teammate and enjoyable to work with I can deliver a lot of ongoing work as well.

Ideal Requirements

  1. Native English Speaker
  2. Someone in US or Canada - we are on ET time
  3. Someone who loves linking, grouping, and making Airtables ROCK!

Willing to offer hourly or flat rate contract.

Thank you and I can disclose more details about the project to those who respond with qualified interest.

Email me at if this is something of interest.

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Hi, I can help you to achieve this project, would it be possible to know a little bit more about it?
Let me please give you my mail
Thank you!

I can likely help you with this give me a shout.

Email sent. Thanks Chad.

Hi @Michael_Gargiulo, I sent you an email. If you haven’t already found the help you need, I can help.


If need is Still necessary. We can help you

HI @Michael_Gargiulo

I can help

Email sent please check



This post is from 2017 …

I’ve often wondered about requests for help and then … silence form the requester. I view this as a a bit of a disservice to the community. In my view, requesters should circle back with a status update and possibly some indication of success or failure concerning the project.

In this particular project, I would love to know how well Airtable stood up to the requirements.

I totally agree. Ive been on this forum for a very short time (im quite new to Airtable) but Ive tried my best to help others with the knowledge I have. However, in 90% of the cases, they dont come back with whether it worked out for them or not.

I think there should be a system where someone who requests help cannot open a new topic unless his old topics are closed. Not sure if it already exists ?

Well, your idea is certainly well-intentioned but might cause some unintended consequences. Imagine I need help on three separate issues to put my app into production. And what about requests that are simply ignored? Forcing a serial process for getting answers will really slow things down.

But I think a pattern of this behaviour should be a metric used as an incentive to be more helpful to those offering help. Maybe a max of three open requests where there have been responses should trigger your rule?

This would work. Any rule would work :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: