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Stockholm based top music startup needs help creating tailor made production tool

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We are Epidemic Sound, listed in Wired as one of the best startups in Stockholm this year.

We sign many new Songwriters/Producers and Singers each month, and produce about 150-200 new tracks per month. There’s a ton of information to organize and keep track of. People, music files, legal documents, lyric documents, status, revisions, etc. etc.

We believe that Airtable can do the trick for us, but we need help to structuring and setting it up according to our needs. Ideally we would have it tailor made and integrated with appropriate Zaps and apps to make workflows automated and super easy to use.

We offer work starting asap and we’d love to hearing from you Airtable and Zapier-fanatics! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Helena

I’ve sent you a DM



I can assist you on this task.

You can reach me on




@Julian_Kirkness drop me a line if it’s too complex for Zapier. :winking_face: