Trying to create a Search script connecting two Airtables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All!

Was directed here from another thread, as I am not a JS coder, but would love to have this code requested below to learn from and continue to work on.

I am looking to run multiple search scripts in three fields where users will enter a long format answer explaining their project needs. These are populating in a request table that I connected to a form interface.

I have second Airtable that lists out my talent at my agency and have created a ‘Keywords’ column that lists out all the different expertise fields and past industries.

My goal is to search through the long format answers client input and connect the keywords to the best match talent in my pool. Any one available to take on this project? I have budget and am willing to work with someone to set up this script.

My goal is to have this script in the next week to continue automating other parts via Zapier, which I do have experience using.

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