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Advice: how do I prevent a new hire from exporting my data

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How do I deal with getting specifically qualified Aritable help, but not risking someone walking away with the backbone of my business?

One of the major drains on my own time is managing a few email databases in Airtable. But the contents of these databases are like the keys to my kingdom.

I have some upworkers scraping email addresses full time, but I’m slow to update the databases, or even taking time to cull bounced emails, because it’s so time consuming / requires focus I don’t have right now.

I know this is a random question, but I’m hopeful that someone here has had experience and can make some suggestions!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are concerned about any digital asset theft, I would recommend having any third-parties who work with your data sign an NDA.

Thank you for the NDA suggestions… That’s all fine and good, but someone in some other country still feels like a risk no matter what is signed :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

The short answer is that you cannot prevent an Airtable collaborator from copying data.

The long answer is to use a portal, such as MiniExtensions or Stacker. Users will still be able to view (and manually copy) whatever data you give them access to, but they will no be able to copy all of your data in one click.

Thank you! I appreciate that suggestion!!