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Airtable App update

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Hi all,

Is anyone else experiencing quite significant issues with the new Airtable App update? We’re heavily reliant on using the app as a company & the update is throwing up a lot of issues.

Couple of issues we’ve encountered so far…

  • Opening a linked record will not present any data, just a blank record. To get around this, we’re having to create a new record and then it will allow you to open the linked record. Frustrating!

  • Linked records are hit and miss with even opening. Having to close the app down and re-open and it will work.

  • Cannot edit records. Again, having to close the app down and re-open to get any joy.

We would love the ability to transition back to the old version!

I really hope I’m not the only one struggling with this.


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FYI this update only seems to be on iOS, so the Apple Airtable users.