Airtable grid history saying I deleted a column of information, even though I did not

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4 - Data Explorer

A column of information disappeared on a grid. Airtable revision history said I deleted it, but I only opened that grid twice and each time I close it immediately. I did not touch or edit anything on the grid.

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It’s possible that it was deleted through the API key assigned to your account.

Can you explain what that means a little bit more?

Could you have deleted the field when looking at a different view?

Oils you be looking at a different version of your base?

Does anyone else have access to your account?

I did not click on a different view. I only opened the main view and closed the tab 5 seconds later.

No one has access to my specific account, but I am under a team account

Actually, I just realized that it should say in the base history if it was deleted via the API. I know that it says this for the record history, but not sure if it says this in the base trash.

If it wasn’t deleted via the API, but it says that it was your account, then it was either you or someone logged in as you.

Does the column still exist (but is empty) or is the column completely gone?

Could you have pasted in data and accidentally overwritten data that way?