Re: Are Airtable to Airtable Zaps possible? Need help

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4 - Data Explorer

Does anyone know how to do this:

  1. Trigger: new record appearing in Airtable view (records with status: Done)
  2. Action: populate one field in that same record with date/time.

After setting up the trigger, Action step wants a custom value that doesn’t work, suggests adding a ‘look up record’ step which I cannot get to actually look up a record in any case.

What’s the secret to getting Airtable to Airtable Zaps working? Anyone know??

(I use Zapier all the time at work including for Airtable. Now I’ve spent way too long trying to do something through Zapier that should be obvious: When an Airtable record’s status changes to DONE, use a view to trigger a Zap to populate a Date/Time field in that same record.)

I have reviewed instructions for Gmail to update airtable record which works fine. I also have zaps that trigger from Airtable view updating to MailChimp that works fine. It’s this specific scenario that has me stumped.

Would really appreciate guidance. I’m prototyping a gamified productivity tracker and it all falls apart if I don’t capture/parse by date when things are completed - no way to earn points and rewards or evaluate results. I might as well go back to Trello and pay for a heap of power ups and zap to a spreadsheet. ugh.


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Added a field to your table with a formula “Create_time()” will generate a timestamp every time a record is created.

I built a similar Zap as part of my Wardrobe Manager base in Airtable Universe. It triggers on a new record being created, rather than one being added to a view, and it wrote the value of a short-text field into a long text field of the same record. Since it acted upon the triggering record, it was considered a two-step Zap and, thus, could be run from a free account.

Frankly, I haven’t run that Zap in over a year, so I guess its conceivable Zapier has since changed their core engine enough for my Zap no longer to function — but I doubt it. I do recall it took a while to figure out where to get the RECORD_ID() of the triggering record.

As part of the documentation for that base, I wrote a Wardrobe Manager Zapier Guide. All five of the users guides can be found in the base’s [Documentation] table, a standalone table that exists solely to provide a standard location for guides and tutorials. However, they also are all available online via Google Drive.

The Zapier Guide can be found here. As this document was intended as a step-by-step guide for the utter Zapier naïf, you should skip ahead to Step 11 or 12. Steps 15 and 16 address some of the specific techniques involving two-step Zaps.

Let me know if these don’t help resolve your issue…