Auto update Airtable w/ last modified date in a Google Doc

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4 - Data Explorer

Looking to add a datapoint in Airtable whenever a Google Doc or GITHUB repo is updated. Has anyone been successful and have advice?


  1. User updates text in Google Doc
  2. Google Doc updates ‘last modified time stamp’
  3. Airtable captures that ‘last modified time stamp’ from Google Doc
  4. Airtable adds that time in a pre linked row in Airtable

Goal - in Airtable we can automatically see which Docs or Repos were recently modified

Any advice, tips, or thoughts welcome.

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Airtable is unable to do this, but you can mimic this behaviour. Some observations…

  • The process would have to run as a chron job in Google Apps Script. I assume you want this fully automated.

  • Google Apps Script is capable of using the Drive API to “search” for the latest changed documents; this allows us to capture a concise list of all updates to Google documents and push such data into Airtable.

  • Doing this for GitHub requires use of its API and a similar search.

  • Ideally, a process like this should run every 10 minutes to avoid cases where large backlogs of changes must be processed.