Average of Column Containing Numbers Produced by a Formula

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all – I am simply trying to calculate the average of a column containing numbers produced by a formula. It is a “Formula” column, but the output of the formula is a number. The database contains all of my projects, and the column in question calculates the number of “days to complete a project” by subtracting the date I was assigned the project from the date I completed the project. I have about 50 rows in the database (one for each of my projects), and I simply want to calculate the average of the column so I can keep track of how many days I am taking on average to complete projects. This is something that would be very simple to do in Excel, but something that I’m really struggling to figure out how to do in Airtable. I see that it’s fairly easy to find the average of a column formatted as “Number” by using a grouping and then selecting Average from the dropdown menu. However, this does not appear to be an option for columns formatted as Formula, and I fear that that is the problem. Does anyone have advice? Thanks!

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Welcome to the community, @Eric_Phillips!

If you make your formula result in a number only (i.e. your formula should not result in any text), then you will get the behavior that you’re looking for.

Ah that worked, thank you! Yes, I had an option in the formula that if there was no value it would spit out “”. I changed it to spit out 0 instead, and now it works. Very helpful!