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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have worked through all the learning material on the Airtable website and also looked at the Airtable templates and universe.

What are the best additional resources like guides, websites, books, courses, videos etc. to get to an advanced level?

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I’ve found the following to be helpful:

  • Reading the rest of the support website, in addition to the “learning resources”

  • Reading posts on this forum, especially those by community leaders and regulars.

However, the best learning activities are actually building things with Airtable:

  • Implementing the different features of Airtable, in addition to reading about them, especially some of the more complex blocks, views, calculated fields, and other features. For example, I had to play around a lot with dates, formula fields for dates, and formatting options for dates to develop a deep understanding of how Airtable handles dates, timezones, and locales.

  • Building projects with the Standard API & Scripting Block. This really helps for developing a deeper understanding of how Airtable stores things under the hood.

  • Building projects with 3rd party integrations, such as Zapier.