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Best way to transfer ownership for a team when a staff person leaves?

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We paid until 10/31/21. What’s the best way to transfer ownership for a team when a staff person leaves?

For example:

  1. When I login as my co-worker who’s leaving and try to change the owner, his email and the credit card to my email address where I don’t have an Airtable account, I see this error, “invalid password,” though it’s his password.

Or should I:

  • login to my account and request to have access to all his files according to his settings?
  • create a new account under an email that goes to our team instead of individual staff?
  1. Should I get an invoice for a year for Pro ($240) under my account or his? How do I request one?

Thanks for anything you can do by 10/31!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Don’t try to change your co-worker’s account to yours. Instead have your co-worker’s account go to the workspace settings and promote your account to “owner” status. Attach the credit card to your account. After you are an owner of the workspace, remove the co-worker.

If you want to create a “team email account” as an owner, you can do that, but then you will be charged for an additional person.