BOM parts automatically removed from inventory when order received?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Airtable Community :grinning:

I am building a production management base to track production of ONE PRODUCT comprised of MANY parts. Ideally, we would like the creation of an order to trigger ALL ITEMS on the BOM to subtract parts needed from inventory at once.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Could someone weigh in on the relationships and formulas to accomplish this?

Order records are entered manually. This is a high-ticket item, and the sales process takes months, so, that part of things will remain manual.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Can someone weigh in on the relationships and formulas needed?

In reading through many of the questions submitted and only see a way to manage many products vs one, and don’t see any that I recognize as doing what I describe above. I am reasonably skilled at Airtable, however, not so good at understanding how to make more complex relationships work.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Hmm, off the top of my head, I’d have the following tables:

  1. Orders
  2. Inventory Movement
  3. Inventory

Whenever a record gets created in Orders, I would have an automation trigger that would create one record per material part that was used in the Inventory Movement table, and it would be linked to the Orders table and the appropriate record in the Inventory table

In the Inventory table, I’d have a rollup field with the formula SUM(values) based off of the numbers in the Inventory Movement table

Probably oversimplifying your issue though, hopefully someone has a better idea