Budgeting for touring performing arts group

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m very new to Airtable and spreadsheets generally.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to find a template that I can modify to my needs. I have a touring performing arts company and want to be able to budget more confidently.

Our expenses are highest if we just do a “run-out” (one gig) versus a multi-week tour. Some expenses are regardless of how many weeks we are away. We have ongoing expenses (like office space) that we incur whether we tour or not.

I’d like to be able to plug in number of days of a tour to figure out my expenses so I know what our weekly nut should be if it’s a one week tour or a 9 week tour with a one week pause in the middle (we’d fly the cast home but put the equipment in storage).

Being able to look at a variety of scenarios like that would be so amazing, but I can’t find any templates that seem like easy to modify bases. Might you have some suggestions?

I’ve used Airtable for other uses that take advantage of calendar, social media scheduling possibilities, etc. My proposed need feels more old school spreadsheet in nature. What do you think?

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