Button Field Behavior within Dashboard App

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I setup a dashboard containing an Org Chart and Record List. Both apps are connected to views where a record contains a Button field. The button fields configured to Open URL and visible on the dashboard app. The buttons are visible fully functional when in a table view. However, the buttons are not active when viewed in a dashboard app.

Clicking on the button within the dashboard app opens the record instead of executing the Open URL functionality programmed into the button. Once the record is open, the user can click on the button and it works from there. This confuses the users and its an extra step, not good UX.

So far, I have one work-around: That is to use the Embed app to display a view containing the records with the button field. This works well for a list of records. However, there is no way to embed an Org Chart to obtain the same fuctionality.

Would be great to hear from others who may a solution.

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