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Calendar display from Date fields in multiple tables. (Dates here and there displayed in one place)

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I have “next meeting date” in one table (a table describing regular meetings) and then I have “event date” in another table (describing one time events).

I’d like a calendar view with all those dates. I’m thinking about auto-copying dates into a “dates table” when a date field is updated, wondering if there’s something more elegant.


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Hi @Andrew_Rose
A calendar view is a view of one table’s data formatted as a calendar. There is an app you can add in that will let you view multiple calendar views in one: KamillionaireApps Knowledge Base

Or you can sync multiple views with a single external calendar application.

I don’t know what else you have in your table, but you can have all events in one table called Events and then a type field for each (Recurring Meetings, One Time Meetings). Then you can have other tables that add context to that event like Attendees or a Status.