Calendar Schedule using Gantt View with Date Triggers

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have created a Gantt View to represent a schedule of Audits. Currently completing one Audit per month.

Despite my newness on Airtable I seem to have something that looks like a planner, and what i would like to do next is create some information for managers to quickly appreciate the planner, e.g. a dashboard or App.

#1 So in my picture you see I have a Today Line, and you can see the next Audit is in Jan22 Management Systems Manual, so is it possible to have some Dashboard style indicators, e.g.
Next Audit “24” days
Audit “Management Systems Manual”

#2 Further to this what would also be nice is if I click on the coloured box on the Schedule
and I could access some more information, maybe who the Auditor will be and what type of Audit will be conducted.

Hope that makes sense, I am used to Excel but as my company is cloud based and wants better deployability amongst remote users, wants to develop tools in Airtable.

Thanks, in Advance, Simon.

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  1. You could use the Summary app if you’re using Dashboards, or the Number element if you’re using Interfaces, to show the minimum value of a formula field that relates the number of days until a record’s date field if that date has not yet elapsed (in other words, the next occurrence). Such a formula could be:
IF({Date Field} > TODAY(), DATETIME_DIFF({Date Field}, TODAY(), "days"))
  1. If you click a record on the timeline view it should already produce a popup of information from that record. Control which fields are shown using the “Customize labels” button at the top of the screen. EDIT: just realized you’re using Gantt instead of Timeline. Consider using the Timeline view instead to enable that functionality

Thanks for this.

  1. With the formula you provided, do i create a field and use this formula to populate it, or do i input this formula in the settings of the App?

  2. I’m actually OK, found a couple tricks, still using the Gannt, Grouping and Colouring.
    That works well.

Q. Using Gannt, can i indicate the Planned, Completed, status of the line item, maybe using a COLOUR, or simply text?

This will come from a column called ‘Status’ in Grid View.

Thanks again, Simon.

Formulas only go in Formula fields. All views allow record coloring (assuming you’re on a Pro workspace).

So far so good, thanks for your help.
Looks pretty respectable, considering it was in EXCEL and we have moved over to Airtable recently.


One last question if you stick with me :-)… The Gantt is a schedule that repeats every 12months (52wks), and would be nice to show the repeat Audit on the same line in the Gantt. I added the ‘next’ audit as its own record entry, but this puts it at the bottom of that group.

Any ideas ?

Thanks, Simon

As far as I know that can’t be done. All rows in a Gantt are unique records, you can’t place a record’s “event” on the same row as another record’s.