Can I hide the "Try Airtable for free" pop-up and "Use this data" button?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello there,

In setting up grid views I noticed that when a non-account holder has access to a view, there is a “Try Airtable for free” pop-up on the right side of the view. Is there any way to not have that pop up?

Also, for both account holders and non-account holders, a “Use this data” button is at the top right of the view. Is there anyway to hide or disable this?


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To get rid of the “Use this data” button, go into the settings where you share the view and disable the toggle for allowing uses to copy the data.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Now to figure out how to hide that pop-up, though I have my doubts.

Seems like that advertisement is a brand new addition that you can’t control. If you close out of it in the first visit to the page, does it come back again on the next visit? (I’m not at my computer right now so I can’t check.)

Regardless, I think you should email to ask them to give us a way to prevent that from showing up at all.

It always comes back even if you close it and visit the page again. I have already emailed Airtable about this. Thank you for replying!

Sad that Airtable is so insistent on forcing their branding everywhere. Another huge misstep by the Airtable team.