Carry record selection to another view with a button?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

If I have a selection of records showing in View A, I would like to have a button that opens the same selected records in View B.  Any ideas? Or am I missing something obvious? 

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I view in an Airtable base is a subset of records and/or fields found within a table. Records can be filtered by field values to limit the number of records showing in that view. What I am wondering, is why do you not use the same filters in your View B as you have set in View A. This should then display the same set of records.

If you wanted, you could write a script that marked all records in a view (View A), by having it set a checkbox field called something like "Selected Records" as true, then use this field value to filter View B.

Thank you for your thoughts. I'm familiar with the filtering aspect, but the act of re-searching from one view to another is the step I'm trying to automate. Will I be pilloried for mentioning Filemaker Pro? I remember from many years ago, easily switching from one view to another in Filemaker because the selection of records stayed the same. I'm trying to replicate that smooth transition.

Your idea of a script makes the most sense, and I'm experimenting with easy ways of doing it manually, because unfortunately my business unit has scripting blocked due to security measures. I've already set up a batch extension that wipes out any selections, and I can manually select in any view where I turn on selections.