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I have a team of creatives that are scheduled on a shared calendar and all tasks are color coded to signify who is assigned to them for our coordinator to manage individual capacity. Many of my team members have been given the same color for their profile. I would like to change the users colors but can’t seem to find a way to modify that detail. Any help would be appreciated!

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The colors are randomly chosen from Airtable’s internal palette. Each account holder can go into their account settings by clicking on the colored icon in the top right corner of the home-page, and selecting “Account”.

In the account settings they can change their avatar by uploading a photo. There is no way for a user to change the randomly chosen color of the generic avatar icon though. So I’d say your best bet is to have each user upload a photo of his/her self for the avatar.

Sad, I have repeated colors and I need the labels of different colors to identify each user with a single color :pensive:

Make your own series of coloured pictures for the labels you wish to represent (it could be just a blank colour) then email one to each of your collaborators asking them to update their profile with it.

I would love to see Airtable update the user profile feature to include avatar colour control, that could also be maintained by a Workspace Owner… we can always dream of such features I suppose. :cry:

Hmm, but thinking about the problem a little more, I think this would best be solved with the actual “User” field, where similarly to Single / MultiSelect fields, all the users would be listed as options, perhaps be toggled on or off, but importantly, have their unique colours assigned.