Circular referene where there should be none?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! New user here, so probably doing something wrong.

I’m having a table of tasks, where tasks can have another row as a predecessor (“Follows” field). If it does, I want the start date of the task to be set to the day after the end of the previous task. But I don’t know how :slightly_smiling_face:

Any ideas?


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I’m unfortunately not allowed to put images in a post here.

But I have a “Previous end” column that is a LOOKUP and fetches the “end” of the linked item in the “Follows” column.

End is a formula field and calculated by adding Duration to the Start column.
Start is also a formula field and calculated by IF({Follows}=BLANK(), {Earliest start}, WORKDAY({Previous end}, 1))

Earliest start is just a date field.

So, if “Follows” is set, we use “Previous end” + 1 day. If “Follows” would be set to the current row, it WOULD be a circular reference, by why is it now?